In 2020, as an extension of our first Whiskey Madness blind tasting tournament (where the whiskeys were all $25-$60), we performed a double-blind tasting on four high-end expressions ($60-$100+). However, for 2021, we've done the opposite and picked four low-end expressions ($10-$25) to see if we can find a hidden gem on the bottom shelf. But this time, we're triple blinded. And just what the hell does that mean, you ask? Well, click play to find out!

Music Credits: Freedom courtesy of Choc Mic McNeil | Link: • Fight Back, Got This, The Show, Dangerous, and Party Like the ‘80s courtesy of Neffex | Link: Supreme by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License: by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License: Trailer by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License:

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