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Whiskeys: Bulleit 10 Year Bourbon • Kings County Peated Bourbon • Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon • Buffalo Trace Kosher Rye • Barrell Dovetail • 1792 Full Proof Bourbon • Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon • Heaven’s Door Cask Strength Bourbon

Madness: Our new arena is shaped like a NEAT glass! • Overview of the 90 and 120 proof brackets • Ed and Scott spend all year preparing (drinking) just for this month • Our event sponsor (see below) provided a cello-shaped blimp • Is Kings County this year’s Gonzaga? • Ed’s body is full and complex • Saltines without salt are just teens (which you shouldn’t eat) • Portly Bat could have been Gabe’s nickname • #youguysareoncrack • Shavonne arrives and demands credit for an appearance because we’re running late (again) • Gabe’s got a ZZ Top-level beard • If we can do this, anyone can do this

Sponsors: Podcast sponsor: The NEAT Glass | Event sponsor: Riccardi’s Violin Shop |

Music Credits: Fight Back, Free Me, Tough, Immortal, and What It Takes courtesy of Neffex | Link: Standpipe by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License:

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