So, Season 6 has finally come to an end, and it was filled with a few setbacks, a new sponsor, some strong whiskey-centric content, and a whole lot of nonsense. And yet we still have one last thing to talk about. Ok, several last things. So, join us for a look back at the past six months and a glimpse forward at Season 7.

Last Things: Whiskey groups and Bourbon’s crotch-shot bragging problem • The $900 Whiskey Madness Infinity bottle! • Scott’s bed is like Rick and Morty’s spaceship • If God was Gabe • Ed lectures the Northeastern states that aren’t listening to us • Scott accidentally disses Israel for no reason • “Funner” should be a word dammit • Shout-outs: Our regular guest hosts • Interviewees Nico from Grayson, Anders from the Local, Billy from Banash, Matt from a secret undisclosed national distributor • Listener Austin from Ohio • Marketer Aaron from Ro-Bro • Listener Stats: 20,000 downloads! All 50 states! 60 countries! • Season 6 Recap: Are we even funny anymore? • It’s a heavy petting zoo! • Our NEAT-glass shaped island in Dubai • Peyton Manning arrives! (Ok not really, we got Eli instead) • Shavonne does some possibly offensive regional accents • Ed’s (not) gonna stretch Sue • The Penicillin is an amazing cocktail • QuickTaste: Barrell Armida and Seagrass • Season 7 Preview: Irish, Canadian, and other whiskeys of the British Empire • Bottled Cocktais for summer • F.E.W. Spirits • Ladies Night - Flavored Whiskeys • Sagamore Spirits • A new series! • Lots of QuickTastes • Coffee whiskeys • How to infuse your whiskey • How to make your own Angel’s Envy Rye • A Whiskey Wormhole (or two!) • Thanks for listening everyone, you’re all awesome!

Music Credits: Octoblues by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License: on the Mississippi by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License: courtesy of Choc Mic McNeil | Link: Porch Blues by Kevin MacLeod | Link: | License:

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